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Black Gold – Fine Metal for Fashion

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Today black gold is revealed its inner features to get trendy and elite. The gold radically changed the color to become the part of trendy collections by reputed jewelers. It is worthacquiring by the wealthiest persons to turn into the trendy metal for daily use. It is independent and luxury, unique and classic, modest and provocative at the same time.

The authentic black gold is not mined as the ordinary gold but produced in scientific laboratories instead on the base of ordinary yellow gold by various technologies. The black color is achieved when cobalt and chrome are oxidized together at high temperature, or when the yellow gold is covered with black rhodium or amorphous carbon. Nevertheless, the technology of acquiring black jewelry is not known to all jewelers in details. And therefore, black gold is still cloaked in mystery and magic.

And this could be the reason why black gold is not the frequent component in designer collections of famous jewelers in spite of the fact that black jewelry was first exhibited at Вasel-2001. However, in 2004 Fawaz Gruosi actively demonstrated the precious metal in his collections creating amazingly gorgeous jewels based on this metal. The other jewelers prefer introducing black gold in their collections step by step, jewel by jewel, being concerned about some negative response from public. However, this unique metal found the way to hearts of the elite for obvious reasons. Whereas brown gold is the base of the current season, designers are anticipating the further «darkening» of the precious metal to black color.

Elegance and delicateness of the black gold is the absolute reasons why it is loved by the elite society. And in view of these features compared with the classic yellow gold, this dainty metal has the sufficient ductility and strength to create incredibly beautiful jewelry from it. As an example, blue, green and violet gold is too fragile and can serve as insets into some other basic metal. Apart from unique color, the black precious metal keeps its high strength at the quite high purity. So, yellow gold .750 is too soft and it easily abrades with usual wear and tear, and therefore it is preferred for solemn functions and events that happen rarely. Unlike the yellow gold, the black gold of the same purity can be used every day causing excitement and adornment from the surrounds with the elegance of the jewelry.

The dark color is exclusive as such as well as the white color, and when the delicate fine work by the reputed jeweler is presented in dark color, it is worth acquiring. Men tend to accentuate on the black gold for their accessories opting for this metal for the match of elegance and manhood, and moreover, black and white is the classic math winning forever. So, in the nearest future we can expect a greater number of black jewelry for men and dark color watch bracelets. This metal is likely to replace the yellow gold and even titanium in Swiss watches.

Most jewelers caught the fancy of the white gold and platinum mostly for the reason that any diamond on the ground of white metals shines with brilliance of purity, even with some yellowish insertions and other defects. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topazes play for showy colors on the lighter background. And therefore the match of two shades at least are usually employed when the basic part is made from yellow, pink or red gold, while the white gold served as the background for the play of precious stones.

The black gold is considered as the metal to discolor with precious stones since it darkens the shine of them making it dull and changes the color. Black diamonds seem not to get dull on the black background. However, the jeweler Fawaz Gruosi experimented with colors and found out that emeralds and rubies on the dark background look less glamorous but more ceremonial, while diamonds show every single facet of play. The person non-expert in jewels and purity can easily notice the quality of the stone on the ring or necklace. And thus, it is thanks to black gold that defects and drawbacks are hard to conceal, and advantages can be only revealed, in regards to crystals minerals and humans, on the whole. 

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