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Precious Stones – Gem Magic and Persons

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Precious stones and semi-precious gems have been always used to decorate jewelry and accessories of luxury life. The times when most jewelry with various gems were used for every day went away, though the more jewelry the person had on themselves, the wealthier they were deemed. Today most designers and admirers of jewelry concentrate their attention to compatibility of stones, the way the minerals affect people, whether positively or negatively.

The study on stones compatibility is known from ancient times. The ancient craftsmen in India used to match gems when making jewelry. The point is that every separate semi-precious stone meant the particular planet of the solar system and, thus, had the same power. When sitting next to one another, the magic power of stones was expressed as high as several times which brought the vital values to the owner like health, success, good luck and peace in family. Moreover, the Indians sacredly honor the study on human chakras, the centers of spiritual and physical power. The seven chakras are known and every one has its particular color, which totally make the entire spectrum. The jewelry made from semi-precious stones, were used separately or with other gems next to every such energy center. So, Indian jewelry is highly demanded today when vivid emeralds, bloody rubies and various shade diamonds are matched.

There are many rules on how to match stones according to the Zodiac signs, the moon calendar, the fēngshuǐ study. Nevertheless, this system is based upon the theory of compatibility of stones and planets, which were affected by studies adopted in Ancient India.

In the early 16th century the German alchemist and adherent to the occult sciences Agrippa von Nettesheim made parallel between the semi-precious stones and Zodiac signs, and, consequently, between the elements and planets. And, thus, the Sun fits with the stones of golden and red shades, as rubies, amber, color diamond and hyacinth. All translucent gems as moonstone, pearl, aquamarine, rock crystal, opal, coral, beryl fit with the Moon, being all white and blue. Mercury

Favors for all lilac and violet gems as topaz, turquoise, agate, chrysolite, amethysts. Venus likes all the green stones as sapphire, malachite, emerald, green pearls, moonstone, amazon-stone. Jupiter shows favor for the blue stones as turquoise, sapphire, lazurite and blue topaz. The stones of blood red color with some brown insertions as ruby, bloodstone, jasper, diamond, garnet and carnelian go with the Mars. Saturn likes black color stones like onyx, sardonyx, agate and morion. Neptune, certainly, favors for green and blue shade gems as aquamarine, moonstone, and rock crystal. Uranus goes will with stones with optic effect of irisation (appearance of the color gamut on the surface in the bright light, like labradorite) or opalescence when the stone emits iridescent beams as the flame opal. Pluto likes motley jasper and dark translucent topaz.

According to this theory stones of various planets-antagonists cannot be matched in jewelry.

Sun dislikes Mars, Saturn, Pluto as well as Mercury hates Moon;

Moon does not go well with Mars and Pluto;

Mercury dislikes Mars, Pluto and Moon;

Venus hates Saturn at the side;

Mars has nothing to do with Mercury and Uranus;

Jupiter does not fit Mars, Saturn and Pluto;

Saturn is not friend to any planet, but Moon and Mercury;

Uranus fits with Mercury, Venus and Neptune;

Neptune is compatible with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter;

Pluto goes well with Venus and Mars.

When selecting stones for jewelry, the jewelers consider the color compatibility and compliance with classes as precious, semi-precious or gems.

Translucent gems are well matched with some insertion of half-translucent gems as diamonds and fianite.

White stones go perfectly with all stones, while black color gems overdo all rich colors as crimson, brown and violet with bluish shade.

When making tutti-frutti jewelry or items based on various colors, the jewelers consider the vivid colors and the color background when the rich and juicy gems go well by one another, withut any pastel shade stone.

So, the jewelers apply the traditional approaches of stone compatibility when pearl look perfect with diamonds, and ruby necklace with some diamonds and sapphires is the ideal gift to the beloved woman. Most reputed brands as Asprey, Tiffany and Chopard offer jewelry so fascinating and eye-catching that you can never forget the brilliance and glimpse if passed by. Though, there are some jewelers who are not afraid to mix colors in quite expensive jewels. So, Cartier experienced the period of various stone matching tutti-frutti inspired by the Indian jewelry art in the early 20th century. The collections offered necklaces, tiaras, rings and bracelets made from emeralds, motley diamonds, amethysts, aquamarines and many other color stones of fancy color.

Mikimoto, the master of pearls, launched the collection Elements of Life where he mixes the noble pearl with colored sapphires and the golden beads balance with the orange ones, white go well with blue and the black perfectly tones with pink gems.

Boucheron, Bulgari and De Grisogono are also captivated with the color play of gems.

Nevertheless, when choosing the jewelry from semi-precious stones the vital factor is when you opt for stones which decorate and go with your image but not overwhelm with vivid colors and juicy shades.

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