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Golden Watches – Classic of Today

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Everlasting classic is golden watches as the successful accessory to complement the image of the thriving and elegant person. However, such mechanisms are not designed for time keeping but for the purposes of a jewelry item. Whatever they come for whatever purpose, golden watches is the symbol of luxury and wealth. Yet, the wealth can differ from person to person.

Origin of golden watches

Pocket golden watches appeared when the watch-making art was in the process of development. Due to the pricing, the watches were affordable to wealthiest people and the accessories were made luxury with the help of precious metals and gems. When making new mechanisms, the designers compete in the luxury trimming and style of watches. Golden wrist watch was introduced at the same time with the first wrist watches which were likely be the jewelry than time keepers.

The model of watches by the Swiss Breguet has the title of the first golden wrist watches which was custom in 1810 and made in two years for Napoleon’ s sister, the King of Naples. The watches were depicted as the elongated-shaped watches with easy running equipped with the thermometer and silver guilloche dial plate with Arab digits with the bracelet weaved from the finest golden threads and human hair.

Technologies of today

Much water has flowed under the bridges since then though the Swiss people still lead as ever in he sphere of gold watches manufacture spending 8 to 12 tons of gold per year, and 10 to 13 tons of gold for bracelets. Gold is the unique metal that does not go pale and does not change the color to be ideal for every day wear. Gold of low assay is mainly used with the alloy of copper and silver. Apart from the bracelet and the case, there are watches made from the entire gold. Skeleton watches look especially incredible when done with open mechanism, when the magic of perfect running of the complex mechanism and the special change of gold shades to create the luxury ensemble.

Rolex is the leading company to use gold per single watch. Designers of this brand use around forty grams of gold to make the case unlike the other brands that can afford 8 grams of gold for average women watch. The bracelets are also amazing and it takes Rolex from 20 to 100 grams of gold for them, and again ahead of other companies.

Expensive but stylish

Golden watch is costly to afford and thus this is the purchase to consider and plan. In addition, this is the accessory which complements the image of a solid man. Lately the golden pocket watch with the fanciest complicated mechanisms are in among men and many brands initiated developing their items. The most expensive and technically complicated watch in 2009 was Patek Philippe Calibre 89, sold on November 15, 2009 at the Antiquorum auction for $ 5 million US dollars. The watch was made from almost 900 finest items and the clockwork was put in the case of 18-carat yellow gold weighing 1,1 kg in the whole.

Patek Philippe Company can boast with the other work- the golden wrist watch by the reputed Italian racer and the automobile designer the count to have been sold at Christie's in 2008 for $2,5 million US dollars to become the most expensive wristwatch. Only watch by Vacheron Constantin Tour de l'Ile for $1,5 million USD made from 834 finest particles collected in the 18-carat case of pink gold can compete with the above. The most expensive Chopard watch for women available for $25 million US dollars made from 18-carat gold studded with diamonds distinguish among other watches for ladies. 

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