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Pumice Stone for Manicure

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A woman is the creature to exert attention and she needs to have nice look, nice clothing, trendy hairstyle, neat shoes. Every single element in her image is to contribute to the perfect image. And the way her nails are done is also essential. No matter long or short nails she wears, they should be only neat and well-cared. Lots of remedies are offered to struggle with ageing changes and rough skin of hands, and among them manicure using pumice stone distinguishes with its natural elements and delicate treatment.

When hands are cared, they need to be prepared for manicure. We talk of two kinds of manicure, classic with trimming and European without trimming. Dry and wet methods are applied with no-trimming manicure, as well as cuticles are removed with the special chemicals or special creams based on fruit acids and manicure with pumice stone.

One of the important methods when giving a manicure is use of a pumice stone. It's a must for manicure today. The pumice stone loosens cuticles, removes dead skin and helps prevent hangnails. Manicure with pumice stone is used when a woman prefers European manicure, though she has allergic reactions to reagents or when a woman tends to have natural caring methods.

As we know, pumice stone is often used for pedicure since the natural rock stone is ideal to treat hardened callus and plantar callosity. The two types of manicure with pumice stone are known. The first method is when hands are soaked in hot water (special emollients are welcome) and the softened cuticle is removed with the help of neutral cream with rough pumice particles. For example, the price for the special cream with pumice by the American brand ORLY is high enough, though it is worth spending some amount of money for it is perfect trimming cream and money-saving product.

The second technique is when the cuticle is removed with the special pumice file after nails are soaked in hot water. In both cases the unnecessary skin is removed easily and painlessly.

Manicure with pumice stone has its positive element since it is the natural approach to remove hardened cuticle and hangnails. The longer time for this procedure can be the drawback for the pumice manicure.

Manicure with pumice stone may be done in beauty salons and at home. When you you’re your nails done at beauty salons, take care that the manicurist disinfects the hands and tools before they are used for you.

Once you have your nails done by professionals, you can learn some steps to try manicure at home. There are no contraindications to using manicure with pumice stone, though persons suffering from psoriasis and various skin diseases should be careful since skin should not be soaked in those cases.

Basic rules to do manicure with pumice stone for exfoliation purpose:
  • When you come with the decision to have your nails done at home, get a bath with hot water for hands, cream with pumice stone particles or the whole stone, the emollient, fragrant component.
  • In case you have no emollient, add some slices of lemon, several drops of olive oil and a tablespoon of sea salt into the bath. Before you steam hands, shape your nails with the file.
  • After the hands are steamed, rub the cleanser with crushed pumice stone into the skin avoiding the area of nail plate. Gently press at the nail bed and cuticle with the pumice stone to loosen the cuticle and remove any excess hardened skin.
  • Take attention that pumice stone for manicure should have finer particles not to injure the tender skin of hands. Some pumice stones may be jagged and harsh to use on the skin. You should never cause bleeding with a pumice stone. Dry hands and carefully push the cuticle back with an orange stick, metal pusher or plastic pusher. After they are done, apply some nourishing cream.
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