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Nail Polish 2011 – Velvet Decoration

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There are too rare women in the world who neglects nail design for herself and thus, the trendy nail polish collection evokes real concern. As recommended by specialists, in the year 2011 the nail polish is strongly attached by the restricted gamut of colors with the intense blue color, classic dark red and some unobtrusive opaque variations of lilac, pink, gold yellow and blue. The stunningи sharp and screaming acid colors outdate today.

Matte tints of nail polish in 2011 is the basic trend today. When we come to talk about particular colors to prefer, then blue, grey, brown, chrome and black are found to be trendy for the coming season. As it is known from the reputed women’s magazine, the new season will be opened with the trendy colors of nail polish as the matter Endive, Golden Glow, Living Coral, Purple Orchid, Lipstick Red, Chocolate Truffle, Lagoon, Woodbine, Oyster Gray, Rose Dust.

The Fashion House Chanel launched four basic shades of nail polish for the coming 2011 year, namely transparent (glassy), flaring and golden Illusion d`Or, two versions of Black Velvet – black and smoky grey, as well as Particuliere with the color of coffee with milk. The special chic is when the nail polish is applied with some standoff the cuticle, though not everyone admits this is the right way to do manicure. Many people suppose to have nails done in half way as carelessly to border with the slovenliness.

Chanel House also prepared a stunning trio of nail polish named Le Vernis for the 2011 year to conclude into the limited edition beauty collection of Orient Extreme. The collection presents the mentioned above Black Velvet, Illusion d`Or and opaque dense rich Gold Lame. As for the Black Velvet nail polish, experts found it as the unexpected debut by Chanel in the industry of nail polish and nail design. It is unexpected since the nail polish is not matte and not brilliant. It proves its name completely since it looks like subtle velvet on the polish is dried on nails.

The trio Le Vernis is recommended to use in creation of the Shanghai manicure when the base applied is of the dense golden color, the nail tips are highlighted with the thick velvet black nail polish as the French manicure is done and finally, a sheer brilliant nail polish is applied over all made nail design. Shanghai manicure is compared with the legendary Chanel ballerina shoes of beige and black colors.

All fashionmongers with experience or none of it is concerned with what is suitable to match the nail polish color. The tradition to have the nail polish shade complied with the shade of lipstick or lip-gloss color is the classic approach followed by our grandmothers.

The tendency of the years 2009-2010 was to choose the color of nail polish to correspond to the color gamut of the entire apparel and it getting outdated today. The esthetic principles of the coming season welcome the colorful unity of the nail polish with accessories and jewelry, first of all. The ideal option is to choose the nail polish color to match the jewelry to have the golden sparkles on nail design accentuated with the golden shine of rings, earrings and necklaces, and rich colors is matched with the bijouterie, small handbags, clutches and even shoes.

There is a major rule to observe here – the more unusual and unique is the shade of nail polish color, the more requirements are made to the appearance of hands. It refers specially to the black color since the black has the feature to unfavorably underline all external defects. Dark and bright red nail polishes in the coming season 2011 look effective with short and accurately filed nails.

Whatever trends are actual, women are not recommended chase the fashion trends at all, neglecting consideration of nail shape and structure of hands and fingers and avoid bringing to unpleasant and ridiculous situation. The best looking woman is young, well-cared and self-confident, whether she has velvet nails or not. 

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