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Best Hand Cream

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Hand cream is must-have cosmetic skin care product that no woman can do without, whether it is the expensive anti-ageing cream by the reputed brand or the simple moisturizing hand cream from the local shop. The right hand cream suitable for your skin moisturizes and nourishes the skin, suspends the process of ageing and pigmentation appearance, protects from the harmful exposure to UV rays.

Moisturizing hand creams

Basic ingredients used for many moisturizing hand cream is water and oil in different proportions to produce various products. Women with dry skin are recommended moisturizing hand cream on oily base only, while the other ladies with normal or greasy skin will be fine with hand cream on water base. One of the most popular components of moisturizing hand creams is hyaluronic acid combined with the keramids which make the skin of hands smooth and silky; moreover it helps revive the natural water balance in the skin. Besides, the formula of the most moisturizing hand creams comprises natural essences like almond oil, jojoba oil which is known for the perfect moisturizing capacities.

Anti-ageing hand cream

Anti-ageing hand creams based on moisturizing components with the capacity to suspend the skin ageing process are known for more complicated formula comprising of active substances stimulating skin rejuvenation apart from common components to moisten. The most accepted components of anti-ageing hand creams include Vitamins С and Е, which stimulate the rejuvenation and restoration of the natural water balance to look younger. Vitamin Е protects the skin and stimulate the process of skin cell regeneration resulted in smoother and young skin.

There is a series of components which are effective to suspend ageing process proved by laboratory research studies. So, retinol is the component of the most expensive hand creams which is essential for the growth of new cells and which inhibits the skin ageing process. The other popular component is EGF, rejuvenation complex of 53 amino acids designed to stimulate the cell regeneration process and collagen production. и выработки коллагена. Stanley Cohen was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1986 for the synthesis of EGF complex. The results of studies revealed that EGD complex stimulates wound and burn healing, as well as it has anti-inflammatory capacities.

Moreover, the formula of the anti-ageing hand cream contains peptides, anti-oxidants which block the blocking destructive effect of free radicals on the skin cells, complex of Q10 coenzyme, as well as ingredients that protect the skin of hands from exposure to UV rays. Since the skin of hands is too delicate and sensitive and is vulnerable to straight sun rays, UV appears the frequent reason of ageing spots typical to ageing process.

Silicone hand cream

Silicone hand cream is absolutely individual makeup, close to professional. Silicone hand cream is basically applied to protect the skin of hands from treatment with salt solutions, acids and alkali. This is a good hand cream to apply any time you plan to do housework to have your hands beautiful and tender.

Glycerol, mineral oil and modern silicones are the base for the silicone hand cream. Thanks to the special formula the silicone hand cream forms the film hard to see which is durable enough to stop all the chemicals that can trauma the skin. One of the advantages of the silicone hand cream is that the cream does not break the natural water and fat balance of the skin and after all the works are done, and hands are washed off with the soap, the film fades completely. Moreover, the silicone hand cream has other advantages and among them it makes the skin softer, it moisturizes the skin, it effectively gets rid of dry and cracked skin, letting the skin breathe. Glycerol as the component of the silicone hand cream furthers to restore the natural balance of moisture in skin cells.

In spite of the fact that hands require less time than face, you need to apply some hand cream every night you go to bed and soon you will be able to show  your beauty again. 

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