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Women tips 2011: Best 10 style tips to look thin

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Women tips 2011: Best 10 style tips to look thin.

Women tips 2011: Best 10 style tips to look thin: Wardrobe stylist and set designer Kami Gray gives you 10 easy ways to look thin in your clothes.

Since I dress people for a living, it would seem a shame not to pass along some surefire ways for instantly looking five pounds thinner. (These are mostly for women, but men can benefit from many of them as well.)

1. Wear clothes that fit you. Your tops, bottoms, and undergarments should not be too small or too large. Oversized clothing adds weight and makes you look like you’re trying to hide in your clothes. Undersized clothing squeezes the top layer of subcutaneous fat (which we all have to some extent) and creates a muffin top, fatback, and peek-a-boo breasts. A good bra that provides proper coverage is essential to tops and blouses fitting correctly.

2. Wear dark colors on bottom, light colors on top. White and light colors add weight, and dark colors subtract weight. For most people, the bottom half is larger, so to create the illusion of it being less pronounced, wear dark jeans, pants, skirts, and shorts and pair them with lighter tops.

3. Layer on top. It’s hard to get away with much when wearing a single layer on top – every little bump shows. Pair lightweight tops, blouses, polos, tanks and tees with cardigans, blazers, hoodies, or a second T-shirt. Make sure that whatever top(s) you wear covers the midriff when you reach for something or blow-dry your hair. A long, completely opaque camisole or tank top worn tucked or untucked can be layered under almost everything.

4. Add some height. Routinely wearing high heels can wreak havoc on your back and posture, but occasionally a little boost to your height can create a dramatic difference. Someone 5’6″ and 145 pounds looks 5’10″ and the exact weight when wearing a pair of four inch boots or heels. Make sure your pant hem almost reaches the floor to create the longest legs possible.

5. Forgo embellishments. Ribbons, bows, jewels, and other adornments dangling from your clothes add bulk and make people around you dizzy. Simple, classic, solid fabrics create the most slimming look.

6. Do denim right. Jeans should not be too short – they should almost reach the floor. Make sure your jeans have back pockets; pocket-free jeans don’t look good on any body type. If you have a muffin top (that is, more fat around your midriff), get a larger size or choose a different brand or style. Jeans that come up too high on the waist create the appearance of a long behind. Bootcut jeans have by far the most flattering hem type; narrow hems are for skinny, trendy, young people. Also, the darker the denim, the more flattering, and no pleats in front!

7. Use self-tanner or bronzer for pale legs. If you weren’t blessed with naturally tan or dark skin, adding a bit of color to your legs when wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses works like magic to slim and even tone your legs. Bronzer also hides spider veins and other unsightly blemishes. However, it smells horrible, so apply it at night and rinse it off in the morning. Try Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Liquid Bronzer.

8. Make sure your sleeves and straps fit. The sleeve opening should fit around the circumference of your arm and not be too tight. For tank tops, make sure the straps are loose enough that extra skin is not oozing on either side of them. Sleeve lengths that cover down to the elbow look the most flattering.

9. Choose the right shoes. Wear shoes that create a low contrast with what you’re wearing on the bottom. For example, pairing black shoes with black pants, tan shoes with bare legs, or brown or rust shoes or boots with denim will create a more flattering, lengthy, cohesive appearance than wearing a pair of bright red pumps with your jeans.

10. Wear black. Nothing does the trick better than black. So you don’t look funeral bound, wear a colorful scarf around your neck or some fun but tasteful jewelry.

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