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Hot Trends for Spring 2011

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents the Hot Trends for Spring 2011.

The hottest trends for spring 2011 include great fashions that are very wearable for women as well as teens. You can choose the styles you like and leave the rest for the other generation. I think you will love the bold orange colors, like Coral Rose and Beeswax, mixed with anything and everything. And, all creative girls like to play with different patterns and prints.

Bold Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2011

If there’s one thing that I do well, it’s color. I’ve had people come up to me and say things like, “I didn’t know you could wear those two colors together. I’ll have to try that.” Well, in my former life, I was a painter and I was labeled a “colorist”, so that’s my forte. The addition of these three colors will make your wardrobe look fresh.

White for Spring 2011

White is the color that’s not a color. But, minimalist white was all over the runways for spring/summer and if you are a color-phobe rather than a color-freak, you can be in sync with the latest groove by wearing white from head to toe. Practical? Probably not. Beautiful? Most definitely.

If you are going all white, make your look very wow-for-now by adding some shoes and/or a handbag in Regatta Blue or Coral Rose. You will see that the newest, trendiest, hottest look for spring and summer will be orange and blue, with or without neutrals like white.

Bold Orange for Spring 2011

I think that the cheapest and easiest way to shake up your tired, old standby clothing is to find some juicy orange accessories in the new Pantone colors Coral Rose or Beeswax (a yellow-orange). I love putting neighboring colors together, so I might try some Honeysuckle pink with orange. Another combo that would look good is Blue Curacao with Peapod green.

Regatta Blue for Spring 2011

Regatta is a color that will look great on most women and I love it with either Coral Rose or Beeswax. If you want to get a top or a dress in Regatta blue, I think you could work it just like a neutral. That means you can wear any color with that blue, just like you can wear any color with denim.

(If you are too afraid of color to go all out, get a red trench coat for springtime in Paris or summer in Seattle.)

Hot Trends for Spring 2011 – Almost Boho Chic

Sure, they call it “Eclectic Chic” or some other name, but to me, it means mixing things up. It means pairing small prints with large prints in a way that no Texas high school cheerleader would ever dream of doing. Got it?

Here are the tips that I see when looking at runway fashions for spring/summer 2011:
  • Leopard goes with anything as long as the colors and brightness have the same feel.
  • Orange or yellow florals in a medium small print look fresh and new, and they will look hot with neutrals or tiny patterns.
  • Polka dots are easy to mix with florals and other prints.
  • Stripes are also easy to mix.
To keep from looking like Bozo the Clown, you can add areas (where the eye can rest) with no pattern or print, like a plain jacket, a wide belt, or whatever works for you.

High-Waisted Jeans

If you are a skinny woman or a teenager, this flared-leg 70s fashion is very flattering. If you are an older woman, I will tell you right now that high-waisted jeans can be uncomfortable enough to make you look for a parachute on a coast-to-coast flight. But, for teens and young hotties, this is a sexy look. I mean, this is the exact opposite of ripped or shredded denim, so it will probably be big. Well, it will be big if there are enough different cuts of high-waisted jeans so that any young woman can find a brand that fits right.

Jewelry Trends for Spring 2011

A lot of jewelry is taking its cue from Goth. I suppose you could call it Goth-Lite. If you are a younger woman or a teen or Cher, you should look for pyramid studs and spikes, upscale industrial Goth where the nuts and bolts show, chokers, and anything that might be referred to as Rocker Chic. I would hate to see any woman over 40, no…let me change that to any woman over 50…wear any overtly skullish. You are halfway to the real skullsville. If you are Goth and over 50, knock yourself out. If it’s sugarcoated Betsey Johnson and you keep it under control, a little skull is okay. In general, the trends seem to be:
  • Chokers
  • Rose gold
  • Upscale Goth
  • Cuffs: Snaking, western leather, probably bold colors
  • Rose gold
  • Industrial/architectural
  • Drop earrings of any shape or size that complements your face
  • Big statement rings
Unless you are an artist, in which case you are expected to wear something over-the-top, I would not try to put too many pieces of this new spring jewelry together at once. The one exception would be after dark. At sundown, we are bringing back the 70s disco style.

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