Saturday, January 15, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack

Fashion: The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Louis Vuitton Fanny Pack.

Ah, the much maligned fanny pack, butt of many jokes, joke of many butts. The question is, is it possible to make one of these babies chic? Ironic, sure. Sassy, perhaps. But chic? I am the proud owner of an LV fanny pack and even I doubt its sophistication. But, in terms of convenience and accessibility, they’re really not to be beat. Seriously, there’s a lot to make fun of here, but seriously, this is a low maintenance answer to the oversized, overfilled totes that women are carrying these days.

This one happens to have a lot of bells and whistles. I might take that front tassel off, but that’s a personal preference. It might cut down on some of the throwback jokes. But, hey, Rhianna has a giant LV fanny pack and no one makes fun of her (okay, a few people do). And, really, I’d say that mine is one of the most envied items in my closet. And for $2k, you can take it with you.

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