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Scent Secrets: Ron Chavers of Infusion Organique

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Scent Secrets: Ron Chavers of Infusion Organique.

Launched in 2008 by a group of fragrance and cosmetic vets, Infusion Organique combines the best of organic extracts and oils to create simple scents inspired by tropical locales around the world. Ron Chavers developed the brand, along with sisters Carole and Gladys Vialars, and it is clear that good scents were in his blood.

No stranger to the industry, Chavers’ father was the Vice President of Hermes Fragrance Division and upon his graduation from USC, Chavers decided to follow his father in the family business. “I started in sales with Borghese, moved on to Cartier and was hired as VP of Sales for Giorgio Beverly Hills when I was 23 years old,” Chavers said.

Having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, from cosmetics to retail, quality is something Chavers would never compromise. “As a manufacturer, I always wanted to show people that we understand the quality they are striving for,” Chavers said. “The best way to do that was to create a product line of our own as an example of our own standards.”

Infusion Organique does not claim to be 100 percent organic or completely chemical free, however, it’s for a reason. “We use sound cosmetic chemistry formulas (paraben free and sulfate free) and ‘infuse’ as many organic botanicals, oils and extracts as possible so that our products are more sustainable and have scents truer to nature,” Chavers said. A glance at the ingredients, shows that, unlike organic perfumers, Infusion Organique does use alcohol. Chavers contends that in order for perfume to perform the best, it needs alcohol. “Alcohol is still the best raw material to transfer a perfume to your skin,” he said. However, the alcohol is naturally derived from sugarcane, making it gentler on the skin. Yum, can we put that in a cocktail?

Infusion Organique has four scents on the market – Buddha’s Fig, Sands of Morocco, Indochine and Acaí Rain – each representing a different piece of the globe. Chavers said it’s no coincidence that his scents seem like a trip to exotic locations, because that is where he gets his inspiration. “I’m inspired by trips that my wife and I have taken with our two girls,” Chavers said. “Whether it’s Cambodia and Vietnam or Bali, Europe, Hawaii or India… our travels have left a tremendous impression on each of us.”

Acaí Rain is his most recent concoction and delectably sweet with notes of acaí, raspberry, currant, white peach and warm undertones of orange and vanilla. The powerful floral bouquet may have you mistaken for a Brazilian berry, just a spritz on the wrist or a spray around your home, and you’ll be transported to the lush jungles of Brazil without the hefty airline ticket.

Also, due to the popularity of the petit parfum in the home, Infusion Organique has created a line of room sprays in each of the four scents.

Infusion Organique is available for purchase at Apothia at Ron Robinson|Fred Segal, and online at and

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