Sunday, January 9, 2011

Burberry Beauty: Mad About Plaid

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents: Burberry Beauty: Mad About Plaid.

They say ancient Greece is the seat of all civilization but it’s tempting to think that Great Britain was where it all started. Just look at what their proud civilization has produced:  The Royals, taking tea in the afternoon, the Mini Cooper, and the trench coat. The company practically synonymous with that all-important piece of outerwear has reached their steadfast hand into the beauty business, and come out looking great.

Burberry is already an iconic brand, one known for its signature plaid and its staying power in the world of traditional fashion. The new line of cosmetics, debuting this summer, was inspired by the company’s recognizable check as well as the evocative British countryside with its ever-stormy cool. Aptly entitled Burberry Beauty, the collection will hit stores hard this fall when everyone is back to school and back to work and looking for the most polished product to stash in their bag. Dutiful schoolgirls and women who love the classics will flock to the four-tiered line, one that recalls the English rose, the girl with a peaches and cream complexion whom everyone longs to look like. Think Carey Mulligan as the young Jenny in An Education or Keira Knightley in Atonement (or in anything). Designer Christopher Bailey’s aim was to create the product everyone wants, the kind with staying power. Let’s admit it:  part of the fun of certain cosmetics is the package they come in, with the benefits they deliver of course.

Burberry Beauty contains products for skin, eyes, lips, and a category called “glow”—their word for blush. Hats off to the creative team there:  It’s about time someone came up with a newer, bolder word for the color in our cheeks. After all, as Twenty-First century women, we are not delicate creatures who blush at the onslaught of others affections; we rather glow in the midst of it all. For skin, there is sheer foundation, sheer compact foundation (which is said to contain orange derivatives for an extra bit of glow—really), and sheer powder; glow has three products-light glow (containing rose extracts, known to produce extra moisturizing benefits), warm glow (their bronzer), and a chunky Burberry Beauty Brush with which to apply it all; eyes will see sheer eye shadow (said to be weather-inspired, with one shade named-you guessed it-trench), effortless mascara (with the addition of plant glycogen, said to speed up the growth of the lash fiber), and eye definer, or pencils; and lips can be covered in lip cover lipstick, lip glow, and lip definer pencils for outlining your pout. All are encased in the glowing trademark Burberry check, with all of the products-where they can be-imprinted with the check as well. Genius marketing, from just across the pond. It’s enough to bring out the Anglophile in all of us. Long live the line!

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