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How to do eye makeup?

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Every woman is aware of how much attention is required for  eye makeup. In fact, nothing stresses the feminine essence for a good  makeup. But at the same time, the majority of the fairer sex just simply do not know how to do it correctly, which is why we decided to talk a little bit, as it is done correctly.

The First Strokes.

Before you do makeup, every woman must create order around the eyes themselves. For example, bruises under his eyes, or dark lid, it’s all hidden by special tone of light shades. There are a lot of mind is not necessary, that would cause the eye area in order.

Deal more complicated with bags under his eyes. There must be applied to them the first layer of the cream base, and then pick up the tone of powder, which is suitable for the color of your face. And the powder is spread evenly across the face, even goes on the cheeks, that there were one color tone of the face.

Specifications eye makeup.

Initially, the woman must deal with for centuries, that is, to distribute the shadow-based throughout the century, right up to the eyebrows themselves.

Then for the upper eyelid using the shadow-path, to emphasize them. Later, take the applicator and apply it with a line just above the lashes along the whole line. What would shade it all evenly, use a special brush.

After all this, we need to create contour lines with a pencil. It is simple, only the top line begins with the inner side and the bottom line on the outside.

Never bring their eyelids to dark tones, as it is just plain old you. To do this you must use a soft calm tones. Oh, and do not use the same shade, with sparkles, as this will only accentuate your wrinkles.

Eye makeup and eyebrows.

Also in the make-up is extremely important place themselves eyebrows. Emphasize the brows is essential for every woman. Moreover, since it is also very simply by using a special pencil. You important to remember that the beginning of the eyebrows is taken from the inner part of her eyebrows, that is closer to the nose and the uppermost point of the place destined for about the middle. Just never draw the line is too long and clear. If you want to look natural, use a soft color pencil, and stroking it gently and softly. As often this adjustment rasstushiruyut that would have been more natural effect, and this should once again just simply comb your eyebrows.

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