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Aldehyde Perfume – Secret Scent for Today

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The first aldehyde perfume created by the legendary perfumer Ernest Beaux was triumphant enough to make any fashion house winning, though Coco Chanel was the one who realized the triumph and glory of that scent, strong and concentrated. She launched her own aldehyde perfume Chanel №5 which became the legendary fragrance of the epoch, the epoch of synthetic scents to become the vintage one for now. Today most perfumers talk about natural components they prefer to use for their fragrances, though aldehyde scents are still demanded being on the top of ratings for over one hundred years enjoyed by most women of the world.

The way aldehyde perfume appeared

A range of discoveries were taken before the aldehyde fragrances glorified. Till 1889 all fragrances were based on natural components by the complex technologies used which made the price higher. Later on, in the 19th century the chemists learned how to analyze the scents and initiated researches which were successful to bring the first new synthetic scent in 1874 - the scent of vanilla. Soon after, the researchers discovered the coumarin, which is the synthetic note of the green fern. In 1884 the musk was discovered for the wide public. The well-known perfumers as Guerlain and Hobigan experimented with new substances and gradually launched the first half-synthetic perfume Jicky based on sandal wood and coumarin. To add some lily odor for Quelques Fleurs, Hobigan used the chemical in 1912 named as hydroxycitronellol and ten years later the absolutely synthetic fragrance was launched, and that was Chanel №5.

Coco Chanel faced against the other, the well-known perfumer Ernest Beaux in 1920 who worked for Rallet in Grasse for many years in Provance, the sacred place for most perfumers. Beaux elaborated the new formula which was offered to the most reputed perfumeries of the time, the Coty. When the company learnt the price of the product, it refused to manufacture the cheap item. Coco Chanel showed the extremely different opinion. She was sure she was looking for the delicate and refined scent to initiate her own perfume story. And the parties concluded that Beaux continued his elaborations with the prototype.

The basic components were may rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, viverra, neroli, and musk with the notes of vanilla and wood. When Beaux added some aldehydes, Chanel №5 turned into the scent we know today with the typical synthetic scent. Since then the perfume has been put to mass production.

What is aldehyde?

Aldehydes are known as chemicals with the concentrated odor of the rancid butter though they smell as flower when they are diluted properly. The aldehyde fragrances are exceptional since the perfume smells differently from person to person, depending on the smell of the body of the particular person while contacting. The aldehydes also add some richer nuances to some notes of the composition and they can work to imitate some natural smells as rare rose compositions, costly species from the East.

Aroma of aldehyde fragrances

It is fairly difficult to differ between the aldehyde and powdery, chypre and oriental scents, though each of them can show differences. As the reputed perfumers state, aldehyde fragrances come as heavy and oily as the odor that comes from the candle blown out. The fragrances that proved to be classic like Jicky, Chanel №5, Climat Lancome and Madame Rochas, live in neighbourhood with quite young scents as the nice First by Van Cleef & Arpels, Armani Mania by Armani loved by millions of women, the stunning cologne Aqua Pour Homme Marine by Bvlgari, and the fascinating White Linen by Estee Lauder.

On the top of it, the group of aldehyde perfume welcomes new Spirit for Men byAntonio Banderas with the vivid and masculine scent of fresh and green woods. One of aldehyde fragrances for women is Azzaro high tech duo: Now Women and Now Men. Azzaro Now Women based on two basic accords of the composition, that is relaxed and vibrant white tea at the top, aldehydes, jasmine Tahitian Tiare and aquatic notes in the heart, with the base composed of rose wood, light wood, amber and rum. The perfume was created by Annie Buzantian in collaboration with Alberto Morillas. 

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