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Zürich Real Estate – Heart of Sovereignty

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Switzerland is, certainly, the most stable country in Europe with the adequate legal aspects and most respondents will be of the same opinion. Switzerland is the small state in the center of the Old World that can sing praises with gorgeous figures of economical and political stable condition, high level of trust from foreign partners. The fact that Switzerland has not been involved in armed conflicts for over five hundred years is worth considering and deducing. Such outstanding features made the country attractive from the investment-making point of view. The real estate in Zürich, the capital of Switzerland, is one of the most profitable and safe capital investment objects in Europe.

Switzerland is the jural state as of the rights and the supremacy of law is ranked as the religion and the legal basics of each sphere of life are worked to fines details. Most provisions of the land-laws and civil legislation seem to be illogical and questionable to the foreign person so unprepared to such unexpected go, though. So, if in the sphere of investment purchase of real estate the foreign investor faces the provision that non-resident foreigner is forbidden to purchase the real estate within the bounds of cities, including Zurich, it will seems wild, at first sight.

With the purpose to comprehend the reasons and such limitations in purchase of property, it will be good to analyze the civilized legislation of Switzerland. The prohibition to purchase the real estate is not limited in large cities as Zurich or Geneva. One and a half thousand quotas are assigned annually for the country that allows the foreigners to purchase real estate in Switzerland. The quotas are distributed among cantons, the territorial entities of the country. If the situation is considered from the view of investments into the capital real estate, it is clear that prohibition to purchase the apartments within the city was conditioned with the limit of spacing resources and non-regulated speculation in case when legislative control is lessened.

As a result of such artificial limitation, the real estate market in Zurich with involvement of foreign citizens is likely to orient the investment into the sector of commercial estate since in the capital of stability and order a lot of commercial organizations and companies are placed. The commercial real estate acts as the alternative treasure of funds to invest.

The commercial real estate of Zurich is presented, mainly, by the area in business-centers and specially erected structures of the uninhabited sector. The most profitable and safe investments are those made to commercial real estate of the most reputed and busy and densely business districts in Zurich as Bahnhofstrasse, Altstetten and Enge.

Zurich is the special place with the typical feature of the strongest inclination towards the elite office estate which is high even in the conditions of crisis. This is conditioned, first, with the special status of the city, high concentration of reputed companies and organizations based in Zurich though from foreign countries, and the absence of non-elite real estate in the centre of the capital.

The most attractive investment-making activity is purchase of the area in the business center or purchase of the entire building under construction in case of considerable funds. On average, the cost of the square meter of the office area of middle class is available for 3 to 7 thousand Euros.  The entire building totals for about 5.5 -13 million Euros in regards to the area.

The peculiarities to change the prices for the real estate rather reassure. The elite real estate, both dwelling and commercial, is extremely stable and attractive in view of the free price formation, and the tendencies of the descending price are tracked in regards to the similar property too rare. The Enge district in Zurich is the example of the general growth of the price for office estate.

The procedure to acquire the real estate in Zurich and in Switzerland, on the whole, is quite complicated, though a range of valuable warranties are provided to the owner and purchaser. Legal control over the real estate turnover is specified by the too wide normative base, and thus, with the purpose to make transaction, most investors use services rendered by special consulting and legal companies. The specialists state that the similar scheme of real estate purchase is the most appropriate.

As the specialist total, in first five years of real estate lease the owner received half of the cost of the office premises. The commercial real estate in Zurich is the reliable and quite profitable investment object, whatever they say. And once a person owns considerable assets and looking for investment objects, you go straight to Zurich real estate. 

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