Friday, March 11, 2011

Most expensive loudspeakers

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Most expensive loudspeakers.

The New Zealand company Arvus has come with an exclusively stylish loudspeakers aptly titled “The Prerenaissance”.

Each pair of the loudspeakers has taken hundreds of man hours each and the result is of course extravagant and almost artistic.

Starting from the bottom up, the plinth is made from hand carved granite. Four chambers house a quasi-five-way design and the sound technology offered is a perfect match for the expensive looks. With 6 channels of amplification, the speakers can make up a total of 3000 watts RMS.

The design was inspired by such objects as a exotic cars, the Coke bottle and musical instruments. The angles were chosen to give the speaker a feeling movement and life.
According to Arvus there are dozens of finishing options, from wood (like you see here), painted, carbon fibre, and even stainless steel.

Each pair of The Prerenaissance loudspeakers costs $140,000 (the price includes delivery, setup, and tuning)

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