Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The World’s Most Expensive Mobile Phone App?

The Safecell app is an in-flight mobile phone solution that uses the phone’s Bluetooth link to turn it into a wireless data communicator and entertainment system. Interested? Great, it only costs around $12,500, making it possibly the world’s most expensive mobile phone app.

The company behind this app, ASiQ Limited, has a justification for its premium price point. It says that unlike conventional aircraft mobile phone systems that cost a good half a million dollars and are locked to the global mobile roaming network making mobile services on air extremely costly, Safecell connects the cell phone to an onboard satellite link using Bluetooth to operate the device outside of the mobile roaming network and provide a cost-effective, roaming-free mobile voice and data solution.

The app is presently available for Blackberry and Symbian-based phones.

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