Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Online Shopping Service For Men Delivers Luxuriously

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Fashion & Style: While the most direct way to capture the heart of a man may be through his stomach, giving most men the option to do all their clothes shopping over the internet instead of physically going shopping also has great potential.
This just may be the ultimate service for the man who hates shopping but needs to dress like a thoroughbred clotheshorse. Hendricks Park Voutique is an online luxury clothing service for men of discerning tastes and little time for, or interest in, "live" shopping experiences. "Voutique," the company's trademarked phrase, is in reference to HPV being a virtual boutique.
The absence of the invaluable "personal touch" is gapped virtually through a one-on-one webcam session between a client and a personal consultant. At the conclusion of the meeting, the consultant puts together some clothes and ships those to the client. The customer keeps what he wants and returns the rest free of charge. It is very tidy, as there are no shipping costs incurred by clients either way.
"We recognized a major gap in the men's apparel industry, where men with the means to buy nice clothing don't always have the time or inclination to shop," said Ms. Lisa Bruckner, founder and CEO of Hendricks Park. "We fill this gap by catering to men's appreciation for high-end service while addressing their need for high-tech convenience. Hendricks Park is more than just another e-commerce site; it creates a personalized experience that makes dressing well easy and fun."
The company launched the concierge-style online luxury clothing service for men in early 2010. According to Ms. Bruckner, a typical client spends about a $1,000 per season. While the innovative online service provider has brick-and-mortar offices in NYC and Bend, Ore., HPV's presence is worldwide and it is only a click away.

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