Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dinosaur Mobile Phone with T-Rex Tooth & Meteoric Stone

Gold, platinum, diamonds and crystals have become common for Stuart Hughes. He had been looking for something even more exclusive and rare, as a result gave world’s first Dinosaur mobile phone.

Stuart has come up with a material with a past that dates back 65 million years. He had stunned the world when he created the world’s most expensive aquarium fitted with a real T-Rex bone. Now he has put together a tooth of a 65 million year old T-Rex and meteoric stone to dress up the rear of the iPhone 4. Resourced from Arizona, US, Stuart worked on blending both these historic remnants perfectly for this phone.

The Dinosaur mobile phone has 8.5ct ‘IF’ flawless diamonds on the rim and a diamond studded Apple logo set in platinum on the rear. This piece of history is priced at $63,000 and will be crafted in a limited edition of ten only.

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