Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Ultimate Luxury Candle

Read about The Ultimate Luxury Candle!!

Women love scented candles. So much so that there is now an entire aisle dedicated to them at the supermarket. But let’s be honest, people. Bringing home an apple-pie scented Glade candle isn’t going to win you many points with the wifey. Gentlemen, here is a candle that will get you major brownie points.

This beautiful black soy candle comes in Welcome Home’s signature Champagne Noir scent, and comes wrapped in a gorgeous black box tied with a beautiful satin bow. But that’s not all it comes with. The candle also comes with a diamond bow necklace with 38 sparkling white diamonds designed by Bucci jewelers. Now that’s a scented candle.

Welcome Home describes The Ultimate Luxury Candle as, “Meticulously hand-crafted, the stunning pendant is encrusted with 38 brilliant diamonds, 2.23 carat total weight. G color, VS clarity, set in 14 carat white gold…Diamonds, ‘Champagne’ and Candles, the perfect trio. We can’t think of a better gift.”

Actually, come to think of it, neither can I.

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