Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hermes Quadrille Jardin Gardening Tools

Read about Hermes Quadrille Jardin Gardening Tools!

Gardening may seem like dirty business, but you can do it in style with Hermes’ Quadrille Jardin gardening set. Hermes, the purveyor of the coveted Birkin bag, is known for making the most luxurious leather goods, scarves, and equestrian accessories. Now, lucky for all of us, they have branched out into the garden in a beautiful way.

The set includes a spade, trowel, weeding fork, and signature Hermes textile bag. These are just the right tools to get your blooms a-blossoming. Some might say that $345 for a three-piece gardening set is exorbitant, but they haven’t taken into consideration the handcrafted quality of these Hermes tools. The stainless steel tools are topped with cherry wood handles, which are comfortable to hold and meant to stand the test of time. As usual, Hermes has managed to strike exactly the right balance between practicality and beauty.

Even the most fastidious among us won’t be scared to get their hands dirty with these. So give the gardener a day off, and spend a day in the sun without sacrificing style. Who says pulling up weeds isn’t chic? Available from Hermes.

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