Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mercedes CLA revealed

Daimler is taking aim at the youth market with the compact, stylish — and lower priced — Mercedes CLA coupe, unveiled Sunday on the eve of the Detroit auto show.

A sleek silhouette delivers world-leading aerodynamics, while frameless doors offset the sporty, muscular look of a bold grill and sweeping curves in the body.

The interior offers all the high-tech gadgets and luxurious features customers expect from a Mercedes, like a multimedia console that seamlessly integrates with the iPhone.

The powerful engine, smooth suspension and four-wheel drive also promise agility, power and an efficient drive.

It will also be outfitted with the latest in collision prevention, including drowsiness detection and a radar that warns drivers of obstacles even at very slow speeds and will initiate braking if the driver is distracted.

“With the new CLA-class, we will open a completely new gateway to the Mercedes brand here in the US,” Mercedes sales chief Joachim Schmidt told reporters.

The CLA is aimed at both the youth market and the “young at heart” who value “trendy and high-class design, quality and refinement and personal expression through authentic brands,” Schmidt said.

Set to hit US dealerships in April, Daimler will launch an advertising blitz — and announce the price — during the Superbowl on February 3.

Source luxuo.com

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