Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari

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Vertu has unveiled the Constellation Quest Ferrari, a luxury smartphone inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia sports car.

The most striking feature of the product is the iconic Cavallino Rampante, intrinsically crafted from polished stainless steel and embedded in the titanium battery cover. The Ferrari logo is embossed in the leather on the front of the handset.

The luxury handset is meticulously crafted from the most luxurious of materials such as polished sapphire crystal, Ferrari calf leather and polished black ceramic.

The leather used in the creation of the product is the same handmade Italian calf leather Ferrari uses in the interior of its GT cars.

Each Constellation Quest Ferrari handset is built by just one craftsman who signs the handset as an assurance of Vertu’s commitment to quality.

The new analogue clock on Constellation Quest Ferrari is inspired by the distinctive rev-counter on Ferrari’s 458 Italia.

A new set of ringtones was obtained from live recordings of a Ferrari 458 Italia on a test circuit and is available exclusively to this handset.

With Constellation Quest Ferrari, Vertu has enhanced its offering of relevant, tailored services even further. Once a customer registers the handset with Vertu Concierge, it becomes the key to the world of Ferrari.

By pressing the specially created Cavallino key, prominently featured on the front of the handset, customers are able to access unique Ferrari content and experiences.

Source: www.luxuo.com 

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