Friday, December 16, 2011

4 Tricks to Make It Look Like You Slept Nine Hours

The best way to look rested is (drumroll, please…) actually getting nine hours of sleep! When that’s not possible—and when is it, really?—here’s how the experts fake it.

Try a Morning Mist

Celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern was recently at an event with singer/actress Mandy Moore at 3 a.m. Not a typo. The first thing she reached for—after her double shot of espresso—was a hydrating mist. “Not only does it open up your capillaries and get the blood flowing, but there’s a refreshing aromatherapy element too,” she says. For maximum awakening benefits, spritz your face and allow the liquid to soak in for at least two minutes.

Give Yourself a Massage

Puffy eyes are caused by pooled tears, and while propping your head on a plush pillow may prevent them from forming, Los Angeles dermatologist Tony Nakhla offers this simple self-massage for whisking the renegade bags away: 1) Rake your fingertips (the pads of your fingers, not your nails) from the inner, lower eyelids outward toward the temples, 2) Continue the stroke down the temples, over the cheeks and down the neck, and 3) Repeat three to five times.

Hit the Highlighter

A shimmery highlighter can do wonders anytime of day, but especially at 7 a.m. (when you haven’t had your coffee yet). “Highlighter gives sunlight and artificial light something to grab onto and brightens the whole face,” Stern says. She likes patting sheer cream formulas below the outer corners of the eyes, right along the top of the cheekbones. If you don’t have a highlighter handy, any light eye shadow will do.

Embrace Bold Blush

Bright blush can feel and look a little scary in the cold light of morning, but according to Stern, it’s really a life-saver. “I say the brighter the better—a poppy peach or a reddish tone both look great swirled on the apples of the cheeks. It just gives you that natural lively glow.”

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