Thursday, July 21, 2011

Angelina Jolie’s Mini-Movie for Louis Vuitton

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Angelina Jolie’s Mini-Movie for Louis Vuitton.

Angelina Jolie’s ad for Louis Vuitton is out in full! The 10-minute clip features Angelina discussing her experiences in Cambodia.

In the film, Angelina talks about the significance of the country for her family with her sons eating the local delicacy of crickets “like Doritos”.

She first travelled to Cambodia 10 years ago while on the set of the Tomb Raider film and was surprised to learn that it was the first film to be shot there after the war.

She explains how her visits there have made her realise how little she learned in school about the Vietnam War and the repercussions it left on the ravished land.

The interview itself is interspersed with beautiful scenes of the Cambodian landscape and its ‘sweet natured and kind’ inhabitants and a child can be heard singing over images of children playing.

We also get an exclusive look at the shoot with Angelina taking centre stage, bare foot on the small wooden boat and her 4 children in the background.

Via Popsugar & Graziadaily

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