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Maintaining Lingerie

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Your underwear is precious and fragile. Often made in delicate fabrics like cotton, satin, lace or silk, we must take care to keep them as long as possible.Your underwear are precious and fragile. Often made in delicate fabrics such as cotton, Satin, lace or silk Must take care to keep them as long as possible. Here are our tips to preserve and maintain your lingerie.

Store your lingerie well apart from the rest of your wardrobe preferably in paper silk or fabric. If you store it in a drawer, consider the line of paper or cloth to prevent the wood from the son of your sub-clothing.

Golden rules to keep lingerie in good condition
Follow our tips to keep as long as possible your favorite lingerie.

If you want to keep as long as the color your underwear After the first wash, soak 10 minutes in white vinegar and rinse again.
Silk and wool do not support the machine.
Free to air dry, never on a radiator with a dryer or a dryer
Avoid iron bras and panties.
Never use bleach to bleach. It fades colors, Yellow white, and eats the lace. Always prefer a mild detergent bleaching.
Refer to the labels including lingerie silk or lace.
Avoid dry cleaning especially for silk.
The basques, corsets and low bustiers wash only by hand.

How to clean her lingerie
It is best to wash his underwear by hand but by paying attention, you can also use your washing machine. Follow the steps to maintaining your lingerie.

By hand
- Separate the whites, the colors and black for each wash.
- Flush water no warmer than 30 ° C for soaking your sub-clothing minutes.
- Use only soap mild detergent or soap to gently without rubbing. Press the wetted parts.
- Rinse with warm water systematically and cold water all underwear
- Squeeze gently and dry flat on a cloth or towel absorbs water. The lightweight materials like chiffon dry more easily on a wire in the open air.
- For a rapid bra you need quickly, you can use your salad spinner. Fast, efficient, it does not deteriorate lingerie.

We do not always have time to wash his underwear by hand and it is often tempting to mix with the rest of dirty laundry. The laundry machine is possible, provided you follow certain rules:
- Use of washing powder for delicate fabrics and make sure they do not contain chlorine or perborate.
- Drag all the underwear in a net or a pillow case to protect them before putting them in the drum. Out of a protective cover, reinforcement of bras can puncture the fabric and damage your washing machine.
- Ban the dryer: it damages the tissues, a trend to discolor and shrink underwear.
- Always wash at low temperatures. Select short programs for delicate fabrics.

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