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A look inside the hotel room of the future

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents A look inside the hotel room of the future.

A renowned futurologist has predicted that by 2030, our hotel rooms will be able to change themselves to match our preferences for a perfect night’s sleep.

Ian Pearson made the predictions in Travelodge’s Future of Sleep report, a six-month project looking at the way hotels and travel are going to change in the future.

A highlight of the report was the concept of the “dream management system”, which would allow people to control the content of their dreams.

Alongside some interesting ideas on virtual lovemaking, Pearson also came up with some features he thinks will be included in the hotel rooms of the future:

Interactive video panels cover full wall space, with audio

The entire room will be able to be used as an interactive display thanks to augmented reality, predicts Pearson, with guests able to choose from a range of layouts and business travelers able to display virtual family images. An audio panel and atmospheric lighting complete the illusion of being somewhere else.

Medical sleep monitoring

Sleepwear of the future will be able to measure stress or relaxation states, pulse, blood pressure and heart rate, while sensors will be able to offer dietary advice in the morning.

Advanced pillows

A gentle head and neck massage will help guests drift off to sleep, while embedded electronics will be able to sense sleep activity and wake up the traveler at the right time. Miniature microphones will enable people to chat with their family back home.

Digital jewelry

By 2035, mobile phones will be extinct and tiny items of digital jewelry will service all guests’ mobile and IT requirements, predicts Pearson.


A full overlay of a virtual room will make travelers feel like they are at home when communicating with their family — even in bed, they will be able to see their partner next to them if they wish. Similarly, the room will switch into a working office at the flick of a switch, with walls becoming video monitors.

Gaming and fitness

Guests will be able to enjoy a work-out session with a virtual personal trainer, or invite digital creatures or characters from movies and games to share their room with them.


Guests will be able to shop from their room, with the walls replicating the interior of a shop, or check out stocks and shares prices via web on the wall.

Source: AFPrelaxnews

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