Monday, May 9, 2011

The semi-length skirt

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents The semi-length skirt.

Halfway between noon and maxi skirt , the skirt-length semi invites himself this season in the wardrobe of fashioner pointed. At first glance highly mesmerism, this model of full skirt flirting with the top of the ankle is indeed able to adopt a quickdraw desirable .

The length is mid-calf in the leg that scratches the fuller: hardly flattering (it is true that this style of skirt would soon settle the silhouette and denigrate the pace). Yet when it ventured – to favor particular Chloe fashion show spring / summer 2011 – In the dressing room of fashionistas, many were those who managed to infuse it with new DNA, which can make us forget our preconceptions about the subject.

Often considered less aesthetic than the models that feature ultra swept last September on the catwalk, these skirts 3 / 4 went into effect with a serious handicap. But it was not counting on these Passionate fashion, specialists in the art to sublimate any room newly trendy …

Among them there were first those who played the retro casual by combining their high-waist black skirt with a feminine top, a boyish blazer, a pair of boots a little rock and a colored cap (which can already replace fedora by Maison Michel). Still remaining in dark colors, others managed to free themselves from the quickdraw slightly old-fashioned kind of long in adopting transparency and spicing up an entire coal perfec too.

For their part, some young women applied a treatment to a bit more summery skirt semi-long, flinging their sights on a model or flowers (they casualness through a T-shirt, a pair of trendy sunglasses and sandals perched high on wooden soles) or on a pleated skirt nude (cameo worked with other parts girly chic, it turned out the battery in air time).

Long regarded as completely outdated, these skirts were so in the end quite well embedded in the heart of urban styles of the moment. We note simply that the more they will be original (transparencies, floral prints), the more their style should be tempered by the addition of casual pieces breaking their impulses too much. We prefer the mesh and a fuzzy marcel, faded denim jacket or a leather jacket roots to a small lace tops, chiffon blouses and camisoles other viscose.

Finally, those who currently feel the soul of a ballerina will in turn choose the duo bodysuit / skirt 3 / 4 …

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