Monday, May 9, 2011

The Pink Version Couture

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents The Pink Version Couture.

On the red carpet, actresses are  likely to see life in pink. Daring to apply strictly the dictates of the catwalk, they hesitate indeed to breathe more quickdraw this ultra-sophisticated couture basically girly color, which certainly did not finish making the crackling flashes …

Student in good fashion, Diane Kruger did not long before mastering the modus operandi of the fashion season.

She also proved repeatedly, whether in the duet featuring nude petticoat coolissime / fedora at the last festival Coachella , or more recently during the Berlin premiere of his film “Barefoot on slugs” by opting for more couture dress, but equally likely.

Apparently attracted by the bold Spring / Summer 2011 Christopher Kane , thus a creation of the brand No. 21 containing the codes of the beautiful Scottish designer has set her sights. Admittedly, this dress manages to sublimate both DNA retro lace that will divert girl pink.

And if it bears a prima facie speed wise (in spite of its transparency), it does not flirt openly with the less glamorous and revealing backless draped behind microphone . Finally, by putting on a pair of turquoise pumps hilltop (nod to the current mix and match color block), the mischievous Diane completes its holding to up-to-date.

Only small problem: we would have liked the choice of the pouch will do a little more daring, to highlight the spice of this delicious dress, that would also not denied Joan Holloway (Mad Men).

Rest now await the next red carpet at Cannes, which is likely to offer us new variations on the pink stitching …

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