Friday, May 13, 2011

Modern Loft Kitchens from Belgium - Jo Wynant kitchen

The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents Modern Loft Kitchens from Belgium - Jo Wynant kitchen.

This modern loft kitchen from Belgium is a prime example of the cutting-edge European design that is breaking onto the global style scene. Showcased in a modern loft setting with high ceiling and lots of open space, this is your dream loft kitchen idea right there! Pushing the boundaries of kitchen design, the avant-garde Jo Wynant kitchen creates a new trend by blending many styles into one fashionable expression. Just as it fits perfectly in spacious lofts, it finds itself at home in compact houses and condos in urban centers around the world. A good use of space is achieved in this loft kitchen. Its small footprint packs plenty of storage space and work area. The kitchen is available in a variety of woods types, like wenge and maple, which is cut at angles, adding some spice to the otherwise minimalist aesthetic. Clean lines and the slightest details speak volumes. The handles add so much to the look – or rather, remove from the look – resulting in a clean-faced cabinets and facades that are simply stunning. For more information visit Jo Wynant.

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