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Jan Arnold Of CND Talks NYFW 2011 Nails

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It's no secret that one of our favorite things at Beauty High are nails - ah, the things we can do when stuck in the beauty closet with a new shipment of polishes. So, we are of course a bit excited about the prospect of new nail trends for Fall 2011, and with fashion week just mere moments away we stopped by a CND salon (to get shellac'd of course!) and chat with Co-founder and Style Director of CND, Jan Arnold, about what goes on in the weeks before fashion week.

Let’s talk about pre-fashion week – what goes through your head when you’re working with designers to create the right nail for each of the shows?

Ok, for me it’s my favorite part of fashion week. I flew out two weeks ago to meet with seven designers, and what I love is that we like will go to their atelier, or go to their showroom, and what I like to do is to hear them talk about the collection and you know as they're talking and describing, I pick up where their passion was. Like was there a muse involved? What was a fabric that really spoke to them? Was there a trip they took that really inspired them?  And then I like to see the fabric and I like to see the silhouette of the clothing. And if I can hear where their passion is and see the fabric and see the silhouette, or if I see the shoe that’s going to accept the outfit, I see a nail in my head that emerges crystal clear. And I’ll give you great example; Behnaz Sarafpour, we walked into her showroom and she had this Manolo Blahnik  bag, and she had a custom shoe done for this collection and she slid the shoe out of the bag and she set it up and I looked and I said, ‘Oh my God, that shoe is my favorite nail…’ and she looked at me like, whaaat? I mean we’ve worked with her for years. But I said honestly, I have the perfect nail for it. So I drew it. And the shoe, it came way, way down, like black patent, but this part comes like all the way down, to where you see the toes; but this part is clear. And super pointy, pointy heel. So what we’re going to do is a black nail, with a very, very strong curve, then we’re doing a crystal clear tip in sort of the same shape as the toe of the shoe. So I drew it for her and she agreed it was the perfect nail. We had the nail style done within five minutes of the discussion. It was easy!

With all of the designers that you work with do you find that some of them will let you do whatever you want?

Totally. And then some are more conservative or like, ‘I wanna do this!’ But what I’m finding is, the first time we work with a designer, they’re a little more cautious and careful and even indecisive sometimes, because they’re not sure; then, after we’ve done a show with them, they (through trust,) then say, well what would you recommend or what do you think here? And then by their third or fourth show their totally off and creative, they completely open up their minds. Like they empower us to go back up to the meeting and I’ll do drawings and we’ll work up samples, so we’ll shoot them and then I’ll send them to the designer, and then they can see them and then they’ll pick. But I would say with time and experience, they open up, they’re much more creative and empowering. And always a first time designer, will start like talking about a nude nail. Always. It always happens!

Now, for you, what are your fashion week must-haves? For nails, outfits, shoes, what gets you through everything?

Well, nails, they have to be, I like statement nails.

Do you change your nails everyday?

I did. Last fashion week, it was really funny, it was like it couldn’t stop for me. We're backstage, we’d get all the models ready, and then they’d go into looks, and then backstage my team like four of them would descent, like two on each hand, and they would change my nails! And it was a little crazy. It was out of control… but it was fun! So everyday I’d wear something different.  So I think what I’m going to do this time, is I’m going to wear these [black shellac with glitter and a rhinestone], because I really love these, so these for a couple of days, then I’m going to pop a form up underneath for the Behnaz show and go with a clear tip underneath. And then I’m dying to do more crystals around here. So I think we’re going to evolve these, and evolve them into what I see, ultimately. And then for me, you know the absolute must-have for me is, running, strangely. I try to run every day during fashion week and I mean I’ll run on a treadmill, I’ll go like 5 miles and it gives me my foot massage.  So then I can wear crazy heels, I can wear anything I need to during fashion week, but then a good run is like my foot massage. If I get massaged it kills me. If I run it helps me. And water. I always need water.

You always have on great statement pieces, what will you be bringing, if anything this season?

Yes, actually. And thank you for noticing, thank you for the compliment.  You know I’ll be wearing this Behnaz Sarafpour necklace. She took silver and different metallic thread, and she made like coils that then you can knot, like big knotted, metallic looking and it looks so chunky, but it’s actually really light. So that’s a piece that’s so great for fashion week because it makes an impact but it’s really comfortable and light, you know. But I love anything that adorns. Like I love cuff bracelets, the bigger the better. And huge watches! So for me, I like big nails. I like big accessories, I mean I like crazy long nails and big accessories. It’s all about the big accessories!

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