Thursday, February 17, 2011

How does one judge beauty?

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What is considered beautiful? Who is considered beautiful? Is beauty universal or is it something that must be taught by the individual cultures? By exploring these questions, one can come to realize the beauty that surrounds him or herself every day.

Beauty is something that is internal and external at the same time. A beautiful mind does not necessarily accompany a beautiful body and vice versa. A beautiful flower can grow in a trash field. There are many different ways to view the beauty. So, what is beauty?

When asked what beauty is, many people think of flowers or paintings. Beauty can be more than that; it can be an intangible element, such as a mind or voice. Beauty brings joy, and that joy in turn triggers our pleasure receptors in the brain, making us associate the beauty with pleasure. This can been seen every day as one listens to the radio, hoping for that one song with that “perfect” voice that just makes them happy to be alive. The more tangible is the flower of the smile of a child. These signals can also bring joy and therefore pleasure, making them beautiful in their own rights.

Who is considered beautiful is where it gets tricky. Beautiful people can be seen all over the world, but are not necessarily considered beautiful all over the world. Beautiful people who are truly beautiful are those who are kind natured with a respect for all. These people understand the nature of the world and understand that kind and beautiful mind is the best kind of beauty. Physical beauty is what most people judge by though.

Depending upon where you are, one’s beauty can drastically change. For examples, let us look through history. In the classical times, those packing a few extra pounds were considered absolutely gorgeous. Those who were thin and fragile looking were considered sickly and ugly. As times have shifted, the desire to be thin has taken over and has gone to extremes. Rather than being rail thin, think of being healthy as being beautiful. This type of beauty allows for great curves and sweet suppleness.

How do you view beauty? Are you beautiful?

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