Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Umm al Jimal & Umm al Rassas

Umm al Jimal
The eastern most of the major northern cities, Umm al Jimal, is located at the edge of the eastern basalt desert plain, along a secondary road that was close to the junction of several ancient trade routes that linked central Jordan with Syria and Iraq. Among the most interesting structures to visit are the tall barracks with their little chapel, several large churches, numerous open and roofed water cisterns, the outlines of a Roman fort and the remains of several town gates.

Umm al Rassas
Excavations here have uncovered some of the finest Byzantine church mosaics in the Middle East, including a large carpet depicting Old and New Testament cities on both the east and west banks of the Jordan River. Another feature at Umm al Rassas walled settlement is a 15-meter Byzantine tower used by early Christian monks seeking solitude.
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